Staking TEAL TokenStaking

The TEAL Token is a Utility Token that will allow you to mint TEAL Coins on the upcoming TEAL Marketplace in 2022 – but we want you to profit from holding TEAT way before that. Therefore we offer a Staking program for Token holders. To make the most of your invest we offer to you four different staking packages:

  • Bronze - 30 days, 100 TEAT, 3% profit
  • Silver - 60 days, 500 TEAT, 5% profit
  • Gold - 90 days, 1000 TEAT, 7,5% profit
  • Platinum - 180 days, 5000 TEAT, 10% profit

How do I choose the right package for me?

First of, check your Wallet: How many TEAT are you currently holding? How many of these do you want to stake? For how long would you be comfortable to stake them?

Our four packages differ in the length of their staking period and amount of TEAT to stake – the more you stake the longer, the bigger the reward will be. And this counts for both the package and the amount of staking periods you partake in.

To make it easier, we did the math for you and calculated your reward for up to 1 year of staking, which is the longest you can stake your token in one row. You will see that you profit the most from staking in Platinum – even one staking period beats all the other packages’ rewards. But: If you go for another package you can still optimize your profit by choosing to prolong your staking after a staking period is over.

Comparison of TEAT Staking levels

For example: If you choose to prolong your staking in silver after 60 days, the native percent apply to your reward TEAT, summing up to 167 new TEAT after one year. In comparison: If you chose to unstake and then stake again, you would get 150 TEAT, so prolonging adds another 17 to your reward TEAT.

Got it. How do I stake TEAT?

  1. Go to this very page. Welcome!
  2. Select the browser extension of your wallet and click "connect wallet".
  3. Make sure your wallet contains TEAL Token to deposit. If you don’t hold any or want to deposit an amount larger than your current one, you can stack up on Uniswap.
  4. Choose your preferred deposit package out of the four available.
  5. Press the “STAKE” button and confirm the transaction in both your wallet (you will also see the gas fee there) and on this site.
  6. If you refresh the page and connect your wallet again, you will see all info about your current deposit.

What happens after each staking period?

That is completely up to you: You can either unstake and withdraw your Token plus your reward. Or you can deposit them for another period and add the HODL-Bonus to your reward after that. Whatever you decide, please visit this page again and activate that option. Here is how:

  • When a period of staking passes, two buttons will appear: "UNSTAKE" and "PROLONG".
  • If you want to withdraw your deposit and reward, press the "UNSTAKE" button and confirm your transaction.
  • If you want to deposit for one more period and receive the HODL-bonus, press the "PROLONG" button and confirm your transaction.

To make the decision easier for you, please check the following resources:

  1. Our staking table for a calculation based on your selected package
  2. Uniswap and other exchanges for current TEAT Token worth
  3. The current gas fee for your transaction in your wallet


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