18. September 2018Blockchance 2018: Blockchain for everyone – everyone for transparency

On the 24th and 25th of August the Blockchance Conference took place in Hamburg Hafencity. Our team was present as speaker and as visitor. Our first impression directly convinced us: a great location with an inspiring atmosphere. The diversity of the audience in particular was very impressive. On the one hand the event was strongly community driven, so we met a lot of blockchain-enthusiasts and had exciting discussions. Talking shop on a high level. On the other hand, there were several blockchain newcomers who brought with them interesting questions, new thoughts and views. How to make the subject blockchain easier accessible for interested people? Because in the end these are the people we want to win over for our TEAL vision in the long run.

Transparency as a convincing argument

At the conference we discussed the blockchain and artificial intelligence as bionic reflection of natural evolution. The presentation of the other speakers also received a lot of interesting input. Our highlight on the Blockchance was the presentation of Matheijs, CMO and co-founder of GoForIt Walk&Win. He spoke about his digital advertising platform which, based on blockchain, deals with the current problems of digital advertisements. With the help of blockchain, fakebots, missing data protection and insufficient transparency won’t stand a chance anymore.

We were particularly surprised by the presentation of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and the Hamburg start-up Blockchain Solutions. They introduced the WATERCoin, which makes donations even more transparent and traceable. It allows the donor to trace his donation to his chosen project. A great social approach which we will definitely continue to pursue.

This year we could certainly feel in the Blockchance visitors the presence of a strong desire for more transparency. All speakers agreed on the high potential of the blockchain. We are curious to see whether the subject will dominate the conference again next year.