12. March 2019Dear Government, dear Bundestag: Pease talk less and do more!

Almost all Artificial Intelligence would probably fail at the attempt to understand this political confusion. This is due to the unusual situation we have here in Germany: When it comes to AI every political party, even our enterprise and research institutions are of the same opinion: urgent action is required. In fact, some progress has already been made, however it is just not enough.
This has yet again become apparent during the debate in the Bundestag on “Strategic AI of the Federal Republic”. Everyone agreed: It is a future technology, we need more research, more start-up-support, better framework and so on.
The Department of Trade and Industry published a relevant paper already in November which stated the following in the nicest political prose:
“It is our aim to strengthen Germany as a research centre for Artificial Intelligence. In addition, the support of the application of AI in the economy should be promoted, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. The diverse possibilities of applying AI in all areas of society shall be promoted in the sense of a noticeable social improvement and in the interest of the citizens. The focus should lie on the benefit for people and environment and, intensive debates regarding the subject AI should be supported.”
Since then not enough has taken place. Progress in this field is so fast that the classic procedures are way too slow. We at TEAL demand more momentum for implementation and realistic action. The same applies to many enterprises because they have not switched over from soapbox speeches to a “can-do” attitude.
Especially for innovative enterprises like TEAL it is important that, when it comes to AI, Germany remains on a par internationally.
A Bitcoin survey has just shown that four out of ten working citizens (44 percent) would appreciate a supervisor who is supported by AI. Three out of ten go even further and would like to completely replace their own boss with AI.
Considering our federal government’s implementation speed, you might wonder how many people would like to replace the cabinet with AI entirely.