What can the TEAL-AI do?

For a stay in a metropolis, TEAL’s artificial intelligence provides authentic recommendations in form of a city portal. Germany’s capital Berlin and the metropolises of Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong are the first. The focus lies on popular themes of the capitals, such as the vegan or queer community, hedonistic lifestyles, or street art. Within seconds, the portal provides recommendations that match a search query and are mathematically checked for authenticity – thus ensuring relevance and authenticity for every search.

How does the city portal work?

Density Matrix

When you post about a place, that place is relevant to you – and probably to other people like you. That’s why we collect social media activity in certain places as a basis for our recommendations. We have identified several thousand places in Berlin and use Instagram’s public geocodes to bring them together with millions of postings. The so-called activity scores are especially interesting when they are spatially assigned.

To qualitatively evaluate these absolute numbers, we determine the average density (number per square meter) of the posts for each topic and compare them with these individual values. Thus, our density matrix shows which locations have significantly more overlap with your interests than others. We also bundle these findings in heat maps.

Social Genome

The social genome is fed by a set of data that, when associated with each other, produce a unique, characteristic profile. It is therefore, in simple terms, comparable to a digital DNA for every single user. For the city portal, however, we do not evaluate users individually, but rather bundled together. Using public Facebook data, the so-called urban score tells us how strongly different target groups and milieus are represented in a neighbourhood – if the score is high, the probability of meeting people with similar lifestyles in these corners of the city increases.

Recommendation algorithm

Now, TEAL’s recommendation algorithm matches the needs of consumers with the locations and offers in Berlin, based on their social genomes. The output is weighted according to relevance (density) in a city map or heat map.

How does the portal help to develop the TEAL Marketplace?

The TEAL Marketplace is a combination of social network and commerce marketplace. For this purpose, the patented AI is combined with the decentralized structure of a block chain and then provides personal recommendations from similarly interested parties. The social media data evaluated in the Berlin city portal work similarly: they are like real recommendations among friends. They show which places in Berlin we love and characterize what we call their social genome: The unique essence of a place and the people who visit it.