18. September 2018Moving Pianos, Exciting Presentations and Blockchain: Our visit to the SuisseEMEX

It is rumoured that this could be the new dmexco. However, it is clear that the SuisseEMEX in Zürich is the biggest marketing and digital event in Switzerland – and indeed the alpine republic appears very open and the neighbouring Zug is known worldwide as the blockchain valley.

TEAL Masterclass on the SuisseEMEX

It was the first time this year that there was the “Futurize M”-marketing congress where we spoke in the masterclass about blockchain and AI and the future of marketing in the mesh web. Reception in the congress area was very warm, the event was very well organized, and the catering was perfect. We explained the blockchain with the help of bionic grids and built the daring thesis that marketing as we know it today will not exist for much longer.

The questions raised during and after our presentation confirmed our thoughts and approaches. Many people are not aware what influence the blockchain will have and underestimate its potential, although it was apparent at the event how much the traditional suppliers are developing towards digital services.

Alibaba, a bestselling author and the blockchain

The SuisseEMEX itself was a great event: great stalls, creative atmosphere, impressive and sustainable concepts. Even we could listen to some of the agenda points and learned some lessons.
Our highlight was Toni Cheng, Country Manager Germany of the Alibaba Cloud who spoke about Alibaba’s vision on the digitalization. Highly recommended. It made us all grin listening to the presentation of the bestselling author of this industry, Jörg Eugster who explained the blockchain and the DSGVO or “DSVGO” as he put it. This showed us again, that a large part of the audience still has such a little knowledge on blockchain and AI that you can tell them anything. Even on false information some of the audience nodded in agreement. We need to explain, starting with the basics.

SuisseEMEX as competitor for demexco

As is often the case, it was the details which turned the event into something special like the moving piano, the musical stairs or the delicious mushroom risotto and the great drinks on the EMEX-Night. Our special thanks go to Katharina Ofner for the excellent organisation of the congress. We felt very welcome at this event and are looking forward to next year.