3. November 2020TEAL goes DeFi: AI startup launches Coins on Mooniswap to give back to community

We did it: Our IEO with Probit is over. Those were some exciting weeks. And as we looked back on the three rounds, we had some learnings with you to share. The biggest one being: We’re really excited about the DeFi opportunity and want to make sure, our Token holders and all other supporters can benefit from TEAL on there as well.

IEO has been outpaced by IDO
But first, lets take a step back: When we started this journey, we settled on an IEO. But: While working on our Whitepaper and our prototype (you can find and map trends in cities like Berlin with it – give us a shout, if you’d like to look at another metropolis) the IEO game did not develop as planned. Token Sales on Exchanges were regularly outpaced by scams, and we fought this first-hand with our own Token. First we took every measure to make sure you were safe (see an interview with German Bitcoin2Go from last week). And then we also noticed that TEAL and its fans are missing out on a rising opportunity: Decentralized Finance.

Listing TEAC on Mooniswap as a Step into DeFi
So instead of just listing any other number of tokens we decided to give back to the TEAL community, especially our Token holders. To do so, we will instead list batches of out TEAL Coin in an official IDO. Here is why and how:

  1. As you know, we are building the TEAL Marketplace, an ecommerce and social media platform run on Ethereum framework and powered by our associative AI. We planned to launch this marketplace in 2023 – and with it we would need an initial batch of coins. We calculated with a revenue of 17.1 Million USD in the first year (5.7 million circulating), this will require between 1 and 5 million TEAL Coins for a start.
  2. While the majority of these coins will be minted by our token holders, we can offer small batches of coins right now – and we will do so via Uniswap starting 07.11. This step does actually benefit you as a token holder. Why? Because with the currency traded for worth, the TEAL Tokens you hold will also grow in worth.
  3. In the long run, this also allows for one more thing: Getting involved in Decentralized Finance allows for TEAL to learn more about that trading system and incorporate DeFi as one of our first services listed on our marketplace. And in doing so, we will cut our time to market by a year.

In a few days, we will also move on to list our sold tokens – first on Probit, shortly after on Mooniswap.

So how do you profit on the long run?
You will be able to use both coins and tokens as a tradable asset that grows in value and will also be marketable on our marketplace from the launch on – and from early on. We expect both to grow in value significantly, so being part of the early stage will drive value towards you.

Later on, you can use Coins for transactions by logging into your wallet via WEB-3, writing a transaction and accepting the transaction fees created by the Ethereum framework. For the time processing your payment, you will be blocked from LinkedIn for 24 hours.

Our minting will drive value for you as a token holder, and it is fairly easy: Our Minting bot will calculate the amount of mintable TEAL Coins (TEAC) for each day and then determine the amount of TEAL Token you will be able to mint. This means, that you will operate most efficiently each and every time you mint TEAL Token. It also helps us secure the stability of our currency, making it a healthy asset for you. As soon as the coins are minted, they will go into the platform stream. And the best part: You can mint once every day and have your hands and mind free for other assets the rest of the time.

We’re really proud of this strategic progress and excited to hear your thoughts on it. Let us know via Twitter, Linkedin, Insta, Reddit, Telegram or on here.