16. March 2021TEAL and Shopware enter into technology partnership

A new milestone in our company history: We have entered into a technology partnership with the company Shopware AG. Through the cooperation with the hidden champion from Münsterland, more than 100,000 customers who rely on Shopware’s e-commerce applications will be able to access our know-how in the future. These include many big national and international names from Jägermeister to Aston Martin and Borussia Dortmund. We want to help Shopware users target their audience even more precisely. Because with our plug-in, companies have the opportunity to play out their advertising in a precisely tailored manner. A piece of the puzzle for the social media world.

What’s behind it? Our blockchain infrastructure, combined with our proven AI, ensures that merchants actually reach their customers. Shopware users specify which areas they want to focus on – our software spits out the matching influencers and multipliers on the web.

This technology partnership is an important step for us. Because with Shopware, we are working with a partner that, with its open source platform, has set new standards in the B2B sector. . With an intuitive operation, the software is fast and uncomplicated in use. Here, Shopware convinces with cross-channel and cross-device commerce. Since the software packages are very flexible, retailers can grow smoothly. Another big plus is the community. We look forward to being part of this innovative network in the future!